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Make Life Predictable

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The nut allergen detection device that fits in the palm of your hand.

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Make Life Predictable

Coming soon for $19/month


Tim F.


Fairfield, Ohio

Allervent's device would help take away the fear and uncertainty that comes with having my food allergy.

Maggie M.


Atlanta, GA

As a nurse, I would recommend Allervent to any of my patients with serious allergies. The added protection a product like this would offer is priceless.

Peggy M.


Downers Grove, IL

As the mother of a child with a severe tree nut allergy, I believe a product such as Allervent would bring me peace of mind. Allervent would provide another layer of protection for determining which products contain the nuts to which my child is allergic.

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Our Story

Allervent's Beginnings

In 2016, I suffered my worst allergic reaction when I ate a homemade dessert with nuts in it. The itchiness, the hot anxiety, and the breathing difficulty quickly began. I remember how miserable I was while my mom raced me to the emergency room. The hospital saved my life, and I vowed that I would never make that mistake again.


Over the following few months, I was diligent in checking labels and asking before consuming anything. Despite my precision, it didn’t take long for a food to slip through my defenses. Even though I used my EpiPen it was still an expensive and time-consuming visit to the hospital (8 hours and thousands of dollars). After hearing from others with food allergies, I found that this is a difficult, life-long struggle of those with food allergies.


After discovering this, I sought to find a solution. I began studying allergic reactions, and the frequency of anaphylactic reactions, the outrageous costs associated with hospital visits, and the emotional trauma following these experiences; the results were shocking. So the vision of Allervent was formed: to stop consumption of allergens before food is consumed. We want Allervent to encourage the user to be proactive and prevent rather than reactive to an emergency.


To make this vision a reality, we’ve assembled award-winning technology, scientists, and engineers from all across the world. Our product design was simple: a sleek, portable device that could detect allergens in food quickly and accurately. And now it’s time to release that product to you.

-Paddy McNamara, Founder

Prevention is key

We know that reactions are stressful, expensive, and life-threatening. We’ve assembled a team of world-class engineers and scientists to create an allergen detection device that can fit in the palm of your hand. Use it to scan your food, wait only seconds for the green light, then enjoy your food worry-free. Allervent allows you or your loved ones to carry an extra layer of protection. Live life with peace of mind.


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